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Delivering Our Work Safely

Our robust health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture is driven by our uncompromised values. Our approaches HSE from a combination of bedrock principles and extensive knowledge obtained over many decades of experience.

Safety is our first Core Value. Fluor is committed to developing a caring, preventive safety culture across our organization. Safety drives the actions of every employee at every location, every day. Our people deserve it. Our clients demand it. Our performance depends on it.


Quality, Safety, Health & Environment

Konstra will set a winning example in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security, and encourage our partners, subcontractors and clients to work with us, breaking through the barriers of contract, geography and past practices in the pursuit of outstanding QHSES performance.

We expect everyone at Konstra to continually be on the lookout for ways to set a positive QHSES example and will encourage others to do the same. Taking the Lead does not suggest that we will win at the expense of others.

“Taking the Lead with QHSES means we will proactively develop and support the behaviors and attitudes that lead to a robust QHSES culture and excellence in QHSES performance”

Bruce Dickson

President & Chief Executive Officer for Konstra, a position he has held since December 2013.
How we deliver projects for our customers matters just as much as what we deliver. Learn more about Konstra’s sustainability efforts on our projects and within our business.

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We Always Addresses Environmental Impacts

As a reflection of its concern for sustainability and social responsibility, we conduct business to meet the needs of Clients and stakeholders today, while at the same time protecting and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed tomorrow. Environmental issues have a significant impact on the global business landscape, through the challenges they present to governments, the private sector and the public Konstra strives to.
meet these challenges, by understanding our role in the global economy and economic growth. Of particular significance, Fluor has calculated its global carbon footprint and is reducing its carbon emissions through energy efficiencies, recycling activities and conservation efforts.

Our 10 Operational Values

Each of the varues are of equal importance and affect activities in different ways throughout the various stages of operations. All of these  are supported by policies and procedures, and by elevating these to a value level, we can embed them more deeply in our culture.
After a thorough review of existing procedures and processes within the company, ten areas were identified to be major “gateways” that lead to either success or failure in work activities from a execution perspective. The ten values are:
Journey Management
Risk Impact
Plant Equipment
Mechanical Lifting
Permit to Work
Ground Disturbance
Working at Height
Confined Space
Energy Isolation
Management of Change
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